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Understanding the role of the security consultant will help our clients to understand the importance of assets protection based on security standpoint expertise.

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So... What if you find yourself in a situation where you or someone you are responsible for, need Security Services? 

Q: How do you know what you need or who to call? 

- I suppose you could call a security company that provides security services and have them tell you. You could hope they will have your best interest in mind. 

Q: How would you know what questions to ask? 

Q: Would you know if what you are being told is the truth? 

- When Warren Buffet was asked about taking advice from stock brokers his comment was never ask the barber if you need a haircut. 

Q: Why would you ask the marketing rep at a security company if you need security?

There are many good companies out there that have integrity and will take care of your needs, but there are many more that will take advantage of you. They send a representative or two that look the part and use all the right terms and tell you how they will take care of you. But, seems they always fail to mention they get a commission if they sell you the service. Just as you would not want to face a criminal trial without a competent person representing you, you should not make decisions regarding your security and safety without the guidance of someone knowledgeable in that field. You would want to hire someone to represent you; a representative that has the knowledge and experience to identify the needs and make recommendations based on a thorough threat assessment. 

This representative would identify the level of a threat and hire services in specific areas based on the need. This person will have reputable service providers that have the client’s interests in mind. If additional assets are required, your representative will know what questions to ask and can not be misled by service providers looking to increase their cash flow by trying to justify additional assets in order to bill more hours. 

This is the role of the security consultant, to represent you the client. The security consultant is responsible to hold service providers accountable and makes sure the client is actually getting what he is paying for. The consultant will ensure that the services are being provided by qualified professionals with proper credentials in a professional manner and not someone’s nephew or retired uncle sleeping in your driveway while your family sleeps. While the cost of a good consultant may seem expensive, the alternative is much more costly.​

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