Training Division Cadre

Mr. Birro is a 12 years old veteran and well respected Military Law Enforcement Sergeant. He have been in the security industry for almost 2 decades, at his early age he started working as an Armed Independent Contractor providing protective services to several clients until he decided to join our military forces actively to serve our country doing what he was good at. Mr. Birro has been deployed in various missions around the world from the Middle East to South Africa to fight on global War against Terror. He has been awarded with the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal on Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. Part of our Defensive Tactics and Less Lethal Weapons Team. KALI Philippines Martial Arts Student.
Mr. Figueroa is Law Enforcement Official working at Judicial System since 2011. As a Marshal from the State assigned to the General Justice Court Mr. Figueroa has been in charge of multiple tasks ranging from courtroom security that are aimed to protect life and property as well as enforce and maintain order in judicial process. Mr. Figueroa has provided protective service to judges and officials who by virtue of their functions are threatened during their duties. At his early age he always demonstrate to be a multitask professional, with broad experience in the IT area, computer network infrastructure, applications of administrative strategies, training and management in the technology consulting field. Part of our Instructional Support Team.
Mr. Delgado is a Private Detective Licensed with 14 years in the field of investigative services. He has provided armed protection to high profile corporate executive from the banking industry as well as security transportation services. Among others Mr. Delgado is an Active Bail Enforcement Agent with a tremendous law enforcement contacts. Mr. Delgado is a well known private investigator and holds an good standing at the PRPD license issuance authority. During his entire career he has been involved in the security operations and supervision for several security agencies. Mr. Delgado is a Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing by NMIMT, a National Shooting Judge, NRA Pistol Instructor and Certified Dignitary Protection Operator. Part of our Operational Support Team. 
This young professional started his career in 2008 when he decided to study Criminal Justice at the Inter American University in order to become a good Law Enforcement Agent for his country. During his student life Mr. Cordero applied and became part of the Risk Management International in 2009 as a Security Officer. At that time the company were looking for a security driver and Mr. Cordero was the first candidate to take the position, putting himself on assignments to protect Dignitaries and Celebrities visiting the island as well as Executive Security Driving Duties. He kept climbing until he was promoted to the agency's Operations Manager. Today, Mr. Cordero is a State Correctional Officer. Part of our OnForce Logistics Support Team.
After 15 years in the Hospitality Industry, Hotel Safety, Security and Management, Mr. De Leon decide to change careers to enter into Law Enforcement Field. Starting as an agent for PRPD, where he worked for an entire decade until he was assigned to become part of a Federal Task Force and retired 5 years later. After a time Mr. De Leon was hired by a GSA Private Security Contractor where he was assigned to the Federal Court as a Compliance Marshal. Today Mr. De Leon is a Private Detective with a lifetime license and holds a security clearance while he working for the federal government on a position that cannot be disclosed. Since 2013 he became part of a Security Ministry to provide Church Security and Pastoral Protection Services. He has provided Protective Services to foreign diplomats during visit in the island. Part of our Protective Intelligence and Advanced Work Instructional Team.
Mr. Vega is a 12 years veteran Race Car Driver and has been driving race cars in different classes, from stock to GT holding a record of non accidents during track races. As a Driving School Business owner Mr. Vega provide Defensive Driving Training, Solo 1 and Performance Classes to his clients. Since 1998 he is a member of the BMW Car Club of America (Puerto Rico Chapter) short after that, he became an Instructor. As a Driving Instructor Mr. Vega train corporate client employees in Safe Defensive Driving among other related subjects. He is also a member of the National Safety Council. Part of our Executive Security, Tactical/Anti-Terrorism and Protective Driving Courses. 
Mr. Rivera Pacheco has graduated from 5 major academies all specialized in Terrorism/Counter Terrorism, sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  He holds many Instructor Certifications from the U.S. Army to the Department of Nuclear Energy and the University of New Mexico.  Mr. Rivera Pacheco has been in this field for over 18 years and has provided training instruction for over a decade in specialty subjects like: Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), Emergency Management and Response to Bombs Attacks involving Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Materials. Today, Mr. Rivera Pacheco is our Fire Prevention for Security Professionals, Bombs and Explosives Identification Instructor as well as many other custom courses in his field of expertise.
As one of our main collaborators to this organization he provide site coordination as well as host agency liaison. Mr. Rivera is a Graduate from Instituto de Seguridad y Proteccion (ISEP) and Certified Instructor in: Rappel (Master), Rescue and Emergency Management. 
Alberto Cordero
Assistant Instructor
G. Figueroa
 Edu. Support 
Assistsant Instructor
Rob Birro
Assistant Instructor
Jorge Delgado
Assistant Instructor
Javier Vega
Defensive Driving
Miguel De Leon
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